X Factor 2013: Tamera Foster has NOT been signed (yet!)

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X Factor's Tamera Foster has insisted she's not been signed yet, following the final at the weekend.

Speaking last week, Tamera said: "No [I've not been signed yet], but I really hope that's an option.

"I don't think anyone will know until the show is over."

She added: "If Simon wants to sign anyone, he won't get in touch until the show's actually over, so I wouldn't know anything about it yet."

Tamera also revealed she'd like to emulate Rihanna in the charts, but didn't want to just be a copy cat.

"I'd love to put out hip hop and R&B. Rihanna is amazing, she's one of my style icons, But the music industry doesn't need another Ri-Ri, so I'm going to create my own name," the teen told Star magazine.

Meanwhile, Tamera revealed she was still in touch with her mentor Nicole.

"I feel bad for Nicole. She's a bit annoyed she's not in the competition any more, but she didn't take it tout on me or the others [Abi Alton and Hannah Barrett]. She's still in contact, emailing to give me advice," the 17-year-old explained.

However despite the hype given to Tamera on the show, she never did that well in the voting.

The X Factor 2013 voting stats revealed that Tamera - who was originally a favourite to win - only ever got as high as fourth place in the public poll.

Sam Bailey won The X Factor on Sunday night, beating Nicholas McDonald in the results which saw millions of votes cast.