Little Mix the most popular X Factor stars (but 2007's final two prove forgettable)

As Tulisa hits the headlines all the wrong reasons, her little muffins Little Mix are making the news today themselves.

But fans of the girl group needn't worry, as Perrie hasn't been caught in an imbroglio by an undercover journalist (yet).

Instead, the girls have proven to be the most popular X Factor stars from the past ten years.

At least, they're the ones that most people still remember, even ahead of the likes of Leona Lewis.

The folks over QuizFactor polled over a 1,000 fans of the show on past finalists.

Of those who took up the challenge, 94% were able to name Little Mix, however as the only group to win it's fair to say they were probably at a big advantage compared to all the male winners and runners up.

Olly Murs, JLS and Alexandra Bruke also proved memorable with viewers, while the most recent champ James Artur, Matt Cardle and Leona were all able to be named by over 80% of those surveyed.

At the other end of the scale and 2006's final two - Leon Jackson and Rhydian Roberts - have proven to be little more than a flash in the pan, recognised by only 44% and 22% of respondents respectively.

But it's poor 2005 runner up Andy Abraham who takes the title of least memorable X Factor finalist, with less than one fifth of people being able to name him.

So, what can we make of all this? The people a the QuizFactor suggest: "Competing in further competitions to add life to your career is a short term fix – the Eurovision Song Contest, Popstar to Operastar and Dancing on Ice has done little for Andy Abraham, Joe McElderry or Ray Quinn.

"Instead contestants should remain loyal to X-Factor and stay chummy with Simon Cowell."

Sounds like good advice to us.

See how well you can do by taking the quiz yourself here, and most your results in the comments below!