X Factor 2013 spoilers: Sam Bailey topping public vote

Sam Bailey (X Factor 2013)

Sam Bailey is reportedly topping the X Factor 2013 public vote in a new voting leak.

According to The Sun newspaper, the prison officer has been notching up almost a third of all votes every week.

The tabloid reports that only Nicholas McDonald has managed to get close to her, having topped the vote himself in Week 2, but now Sam's lead is pulling away from even him.

It's claimed that Sam's lead over the rest of the field is the biggest in the history of the show, as we reach past the halfway point.

“Sam Bailey is so far ahead it is unreal. She’s the runaway leader, a million miles in front of her nearest rival and, if it was the final this weekend, she would romp home," a source told the publication today. “Viewers love her voice and have really taken to her back-story.

"She is a mum who has worked in a tough job and people seem to relate to that.”

The source added: “It’ll take a miracle for anyone else to win.”

The numbers also reveal that Sam Callahan has been far from the bottom two, in third place, ahead of Rough Copy in fourth and Luke Friend, who rounds off the top five.

The news won't impress X Factor boss Simon Cowell, who is reportedly hoping Tamera Foster to triumph in December's final.

The source continued: “He wants Tamera Foster to win. He has publicly said she is a star and he genuinely thinks she could be massive internationally like Leona Lewis — but she isn’t connecting with the public.

“She’s already been in the bottom two and Simon is frantic she improves her position.

“If the voting carries on as it has been, the final is looking like Sam, Nicholas McDonald and Sam Callahan — surely one of the most boring ever.”

A spokesperson for The X Factor commented: "There is always speculation about who’s where in the public vote, but we never comment until the series ends.”

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