XFactor 2013: Louis Walsh defends Paul Akister rejection


Louis Walsh has defended his decision to let Paul Akister go on The X Factor 2013.

On Saturday night we saw Louis chose his final three boys, making some controversial decisions.

Paul was one of three singers axed in favour of a younger trio in the form of Sam Callahan, Nicholas McDonald and Luke Friend.

However, Louis insisted his decision wasn't based on age or looks, saying he hoped to see Paul return to audition again next year.

"There was one person I had to let go – Paul, and I changed my mind constantly about him. He had an amazing voice, but he didn’t have the stage presence. In the end, I had to consider that," Louis explained.

Speaking to the official ITV website, Louis said: “I think in a year’s time, he will have that and he will be brilliant – but I didn’t want to put him through and him to get voted off in week one or week two.

“I told him my reasons and that it was the right thing for him. But it really was the hardest thing to say.”

Discussing his live show finalists, Louis told the website: “I chose Luke because he is different - he’s original, he spends all his time listening to music and he’s in it for the music. I find Nicholas to be a very honest singer, he’s very sweet and his voice is genuinely great but he has to work on his confidence.

“Sam’s attitude is incredible and he wants to get out there, pull out the stops and perform. He’s full of energy and that will get him far. But it’s all about song choices now and constantly performing under pressure – whoever is most successful will have to deal with that.”

The X Factor live shows start next Saturday night on ITV.

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