X Factor 2013 hopefuls and fans complain over 'confusing' editing

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Both fans and contestants of The X Factor 2013 have complained about the show's confusing editing.

This year's double audition format sees contestants first having to 'win the room' by impressing the judges in a intimate setting on Saturday night.

Those that are successful go on to perform at Wembley Arena, airing on the Sunday night, in a bid to make bootcamp.

But the editing has seen us viewers see only half the auditions of some hopefuls, and even the acts themselves don't know what's going on.

On Saturday, we saw Ryan Mathie win a spot in bootcamp on the Saturday night, but we've yet to see his audition at Wembley.

He tweeted fans: "Hey guys, no idea what's going on. Really thought I'd be on tonight."

And it means even his family aren't sure of his fate, with Ryan sworn to ultra strict secrecy about his progress.

"Now we are just hoping he will make it through the next stage and the next stage," his mum said. We all have our fingers crossed because he deserves it, he works hard, he does all the open mic nights and he deserves to be where he is."

On the other hand, we've seen some acts appearing at Wembley having never seen their original judges' room audition.

Jeanette Akua won a spot in bootcamp on Sunday night at Wembley but we didn't get to see her in front of the judges' on the Saturday.

What do you make of the new double audition format? Add your comments below...

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