XFactor 2013: Gary Barlow admits he probably won't win with his category

Gary Barlow (X Factor 2013)

X Factor 2013 judge Gary Barlow has admitted he probably won't this year's show.

The Take That star has the groups category this year and confessed that he wasn't convinced any of the acts could win the series.

Gary, who has never won a show, however was confident his acts could still become chart stars.

“I’m not convinced I have a winner but I’ve got a great category. We all want to win but you look at what you’ve got and think, ‘I can make a difference’," Gary said.

Speaking from filming of his judges' houses in New York, Gary also revealed that this year would again see novelty acts, and no prizes for guessing which category they're from.

“I know Louis Walsh has a couple up his sleeve this year, of course he has,” Gary told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "Last year I was worried, thinking if Rylan wins the show it makes us look stupid. I thought, if this guy wins, it’s finished. As a format, it’s gone.

“Coming back this year I think I’ll probably be a bit more relaxed, knowing the public will make the right decision.”

Gushing about last year's champ James Arthur, Gary added: “The first time I saw him audition he was my favourite but I thought he was too left of centre for the audience. I did them a disservice thinking they’d not vote for him.

“When he won it showed me that when it really counts people will make the right decision.”

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