XFactor 2013 auditions held up by diva... Louis Walsh!

Louis Walsh (X Factor 2013)

X Factor 2013 judge Louis Walsh was acting the diva during auditions last week.

Seemingly starting off from where Simon Cowell started, Louis turned up an hour late for the latest round of try outs at London's Wembely Arena.

Angry producers decided to start filming with him, as the first acts when before just Sharon Osbourne, Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger.

“Louis always used to be the first to arrive for the show but recently he has been later and later," a source blabbed today. “Now he tends to be the last judge to arrive and, on Wednesday we had to start filming without him because he was running so late.

“He was still in his hotel when the other judges were at the studio, so producers pushed back the schedule by half an hour. But he still wasn’t there."

And while we're not sure that Louis' delay was down to enjoying a bubble bath much like Simon's, the lateness still frustrated show bosses.

The insider told The Sun newspaper: “The whole team were tearing their hair out but there were 40 hopefuls due to audition that day, so they had no choice but to start with an empty seat.

“Luckily the other three judges saw the funny side. But people have remarked that it does seem that the show has now slipped down Louis’ list of priorities.”

Watch Louis Walsh on the red carpet below...

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