X Factor 2013 judges: Noel Gallagher won't join the panel (because he'd call Louis Walsh a c**t)

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2013)

Noel Gallagher has confirmed reports that he was asked to be a judge on The X Factor 2013.

The Oasis rocker revealed that he was approached by producers too join the panel for a second time, but turned their latest offer down again.

And Noel said he wouldn't consider taking part in the show for less than £3 million!

“I think they think that because my tour’s finished I’m going to be bored, but I’m never going to be that bored. Sharon Osbourne gets £1.5million for it, I’ve heard. If she’s worth one and a half, what am I worth? Three? Three and three quarters?” he said.

But even if boss Simon Cowell does stump up the cash, Noel said he still wouldn't be too sure about joining the show.

“I’ve not got anything against the show, I just don’t want to be on the telly every Saturday night, f*ck that," he told the Daily Star.

And Noel added: “You may be aware, I’ve got a slight case of Tourette’s syndrome and I would just end up saying to Louis Walsh: ‘Will you shut up, you c*nt!’”

Simon previously said he wasn't exactly expecting Noel to accept his offers.

The music mogul said: “I don’t think he’d want to do it. I spoke to him once, but he wasn’t interested. But I like Noel, he’s a cool guy.”

He added: “We literally had a conversation, because I know him quite well but that was a couple of years ago.”

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