The X Factor winners: Where are they now?


With The X Factor 2013 approaching, we look back on the past ten years of the show and the winners.

Steve Brookstein won the first ever show in 2004 and despite hitting the top spot with his debut single, fell out with Simon and was dropped less than 6 months later.

Shayne Ward initially had great success after winning in 2005, with a double platinum selling album. Over the years however sales declined, with his third album last year failing to reach the top 10. Simon dropped Shayne in April of last year, but the singer went on to star in the West End.

Aside from Little Mix and current champ James Arthur, Leona is currently the only X Factor winner still with Simon. She's had huge success across the world, topping the charts with debut single 'Bleeding Love', but more recently has struggled. Leona's latest album, Glassheart, has managed to shift only 50,000 copies to date, well down on the sales of her debut back in 2007.


After being dropped less than a year after winning in 2007, Leon pretty much disappeared. He's currently still writing a second album (apparently) due for release independently.

Alexandra Burke was a huge hit on The X Factor 2008 and her first album spawned 5 top 10 hits. However, Alex split from Simon Cowell earlier this in a move to RCA records. Her second album is due out next year.

There is a sense of déjà vu as we come to another male winner. Joe McElderry, like most of those before him, was dropped by Cowell just a year after winning. He's now signed with Universal Music's Decca label and will release a new album later this month.


Matt Cardle won the show last year but like all other male winner's to date, his debut album and single didn't do much to trouble the charts. Matt was dumped by his record label after the flop, but has gone on to insist he was happy to go on his own way. "I feel super-excited to be finally in control, and fully in control of what I am doing musically and the direction I am going in," he said ahead of the release of his new album The Fire last year.

After becoming the first ever group to win The X Factor, Little Mix have gone on to huge success across the world. While still quite shy of the huge fandom of their boyband counterparts One Direction, the girls have still broken records. After their own tour earlier this year, their debut album DNA went on to become highest charting debut from a British girl group in the US, charting at number four in the American charts.

James Arthur won the show last year and has gone on to secure the biggest selling X Factor winner's song ever, but can he keep up the sales with the release of his new single and debut album later this year?

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