X Factor 2013: Cheryl Cole soldiers on with £1.4 million lawsuit against US show

Cheryl Cole is continuing on with her law suit against The X Factor USA over her axe two years ago.

Recent reports that Cheryl could be heading back to the show this year haven't seen her legal team back down, as they claim more than £1.4 million from the show's production company.

The Girls Aloud star's legal team will next month put their case before a judge to have the claim heard before a jury.

It could see Cheryl, Simon Cowell and many others from the show in the dock as it's decided whether or not the Geordie singer is owed the money.

Cheryl claims that she should be getting £1.3 million after being cut from the show in 2011 during the audition stages.

She's also after £200,000 in promised expenses and interest.

A source told the Daily Mirror today: "The gloves are really off in this one. If Cheryl had any illusions Blue Orbit were going to roll over and give in to her demands, they have been well and truly shattered.”

But judges could also decide next week to throw out the case if they feel there's no merit.

The X Factor USA's production company argue that Cheryl's position “lacks standing in the case”, although do admit to having made a "mistake" in the contract.

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