X Factor didn't use CGI trickery to make Zoe Alexander look like an idiot


Zoe Alexander's dramatic auditioned kicked off The X Factor last year, and started plenty of controversy too.

The P!nk impersonator was seen trying out for the panel in Wales but her audition ended up with her storming off stage and pushing a camera man.

After being given a no by the judges, we saw Zoe claim she was told to dress and style herself on P!nk, as well as being made to sing one of the American singer's tracks.

In a complaint to Ofcom that followed her audition being aired, Zoe also alleged that ITV had used CGI trickery and editing to "create an unfair impression of her and her behaviour".

It's taken a good few months, but now Ofcom has decided that the channel didn't do anything wrong.

In a report released today, the telly watchdog addressed the complaints from Zoe and her dad, who had appeared on stage too.

Ofcom said: "Ofcom did not consider that the programme makers were unfair in their dealings with Miss Alexander.

"Ofcom therefore found that there was no unfairness to Miss Alexander in this respect."

ITV said in a statement that they had advised Zoe to add a P!nk song as one of her five tracks, saying that "many tribute artists who applied to audition were well versed in singing songs they regularly performed, but may not be so proficient when singing a song with which they were less familiar".

ITV added that the reaction shown was "unacceptable by any standards, whatever her perceived grievance".

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