XFactor news: Cops called in over more Christopher Maloney death threats

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

His time on the X Factor may be well over now, but Christopher Maloney is still getting death threats.

The Liverpudlian singer finished third on the show last year and has since starred in the show's live tour.

Despite making up with the other acts, it seems as though the controversial X factor star still has a few enemies.

During his last week on tour, Chris found himself the target of more threats.

He revealed this week: "Last week I woke up to a tweet from someone saying that he was going to get a gun and shoot me in the head.

"Apparently, he was the ex partner of one of my fans, who I'm told has been to some of the live shows."

Writing in his final tour diary of the show, Chris added: "He also tweeted the death threat 'RIP Maloney', so we had to call in the police, and an arrest was made.

"Some people think they can get away with intimidating behaviour but it's goo to know they can't."

The X Factor 2013 live tour concluded last week in Belfast and it seemed as though Chris was slightly glad it was over after a month on the road.

He tweeted: "so gud 2b bak home,had full english breakie! Now go sleep 4a bit get haircut etc feel like a tramp lol #livingoutofsuitcasefor10weeks xx ;-)"

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