X Factor 2013 live tour ends and everyone is best pals!

The X Factor 2012 Week 4 - Christopher Maloney

The X Factor 2013 tour is drawing to a close and it seems all the acts are now best of pals.

There were reports of backstage bitching at the start, with some claims that Christopher Maloney had been given his own personal dressing room.

But as the group prepare to perform together for the last time, a month on the road has brought them all together.

This week the month long tour concludes in Belfast after an impressive 24 performances across the UK and Ireland.

Chris wrote in his final tour diary this month: "During the tour, Rylan and Jaymi from Union J have become my really close friends."

He confessed that there was tension back in the show between him and the other acts, but that everything was no calm.

Chris explained: "X Factor was difficult because we were all in competition with one another.

"It was so fast paced and emotionally draining - people did change but I feel like I have me mates back."


It seems that the group are all getting a bit emotional as the tour concludes, with James Arthur tweeting last night: “I can’t believe it’s nearly over 🙁 I’m gunna miss my Xfactor family when we are on to our new chapters.. tomorrow is gunna be emotional :("

And Rylan Clark added: "Tomorrow my 3rd and final bubble bursts, end of #XFactorTour , then back to just me… Scary xxx"

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