X Factor 2013: Christopher Maloney knocked out backstage

The X Factor 2012 Week 4 - Christopher Maloney

Christopher Maloney ended up unconscious during the X Factor 2013 live tour this month after hitting his head when he went on stage.

The Liverpudlian singer confessed to the backstage mishap this week, admitting he had forgotten all of his lyrics when he finally came around.

Chris said: "I knocked myself out as I was about to go on stage!

"I have to walk under this dead small stage to get there and I knocked my head and was out cold for 15 seconds!

"I came around and couldn't think of my lyrics."

Fortunately after being attended to by medics after his performance there were no lasting injuries oher than a bruised ego.

And the bent stage

Meanwhile, Chris gushed about going back to his home town this week for the latest of the show's 24 dates.

He said in his latest tour diary: "I was dead excited to be home - I wouldn't sleep the night before!

"There were people screaming everywhere we went round town, it was mad! I went to me mam's house and there were presents there from people I didn't even know, like a box of aftershave. It's really crazy!"

The X Factor 2013 live tour concludes in Belfast at the end of the month.

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