X Factor 2013 live tour: Everyone is getting along... How boring.

The X Factor 2012 Week 4 - Christopher Maloney

It's all friend on The X Factor 2013 live tour according to Union J's George Shelly, with even Christopher Maloney getting along!

George confessed this week that things between Chris and the other contestants weren't great on the live shows last year.

Not that anyone really believed otherwise.

But now on tour, Chris is apparently like a different man.

George said "When we were on the show, everyone was in competition with each other, but now we can be friends.

"Everyone's getting on with Chris, way more than when we were on the show. He's like a totally different person."

The Union J star also insisted he wasn't dating Ella Henderson, after rumours resurfaced when the tour started last month.

He said: "It's funny because on our everyone's like 'Oh, great, George and Ella are together again!'

"We get really hyper around each other because we're similar mental ages.

"We're just enjoying being around each other, to be honest. Ella's like my little sister."

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