XFactor: Caroline Flack's not dating James Arthur

X Factor 2013 Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack isn't dating X Factor winner James Arthur, or so she insists!

Xtra Factor host Caroline has hit out at the rumours that she's got with the latest champion of the ITV series.

One source claimed last month: "James has feelings for Caroline.

"At the moment they're just seeing what happens. At the end of last year it looked like they might get together, but with their scheudles, and the fact that Caroline was going away, it just wasn't going to happen.

"Now they'e very aware that f they did get together, it would be in the public eye and they're not sure they want that."

The pair have been spotted out enjoying drinks together ever since the night of the X Factor final in Manchester back in December, but Caroline says it's nothing more than just a friendship.

She said this week: “We just go out for drinks. I expected that, if I ever go out with a guy, they like to make up some sort of story.”

And the Harry Styles ex added: “I think it’s because my life is so boring and if nothing else is really going on, you have to create some sort of soap opera.

" I’m not going out with James Arthur. [My life] is probably more boring that you think.”

Well that clears that up!

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