XFactor judges: Simon Cowell won't rule out return (just not this year!)

Simon Cowell (Britain's Got Talent 2012)

Simon Cowell has said he won't ruled out a return to The X Factor UK in the future, although insisted he wouldn't be back for this year's tenth series.

Speaking to us at the Britain's Got Talent 2013 auditions in London this week, Simon said his reasons for not returning to the UK series were purely down to clashing schedules.

He explained: "It's all to do with timing, it would be impossible to do the English show and American show together.

"If the schedule was different then of course I would come back and do the English show, I miss it."

And asked directly if he would ever return to The X Factor over here in the UK, Simon said: "I wouldn't rule it out."

Meanwhile, Simon said he was confident about The X Factor winning viewers back after last year's ratings crash.

“You’ve just got to try and make a better show than you did the year before," he said. “And if you do that there’s a chance you can get the numbers up.

“I never go into anything thinking the numbers are going to go down, because the first thing I say to our production team is you’ve got to make a better show than last year.”

Speaking about both The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent, Simon added: "It will be on TV for a long time to come. Both shows will.

“But I want to get this year out of the way first before I think about anything else.”

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