Celebrity Big Brother news: Rylan Clark cries over X Factor hate

Rylan Clark (Celebrity Big Brother 2013)

Rylan Clark broke down in the Celebrity Big Brother 2013 house last night over the hate he has experienced from the X Factor.

Frankie and Rylan were talking about The X Factor when the jockey admitted: “You’re being yourself but what upsets me as a viewer is the other 9 people are actually putting it on where you are genuine.

"But I’ve met you so I know you are”

Rylan replied: “Well that’s the thing I feel I’ve got to meet everyone in the country for them to go…oh…it worries me...what If I walk out and someone boos me….”

Frankie added: “I’m reassuring you that you’re doing well. Never change who you are. Be yourself your f&^*ing brilliant.

However Rylan left the conversation and headed to the toilet for a bit of a cry.

“I think I upset him a bit about talking about the outside world," Frankie admitted to Paula. "I forget he’s only 24 and I’m 42. I told him the way I see it”

Later in the bedroom Gillian, Claire and Tricia rushed to Rylan’s aid.

Rylan told them: “You get these horrible f*&king b££”££rds and I like to think I’m a nice person and I’m trying to do something for myself to do what I want in life... and I know you cant please everyone but people look at me like I’m ludicrous half the time”.

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