XFactor tour: Christopher Maloney is in for an awkward time!

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

Christopher Maloney is in for a tough time on the X Factor live tour by the sounds of things.

The X Factor act didn't exactly have the best of ends to the final of the series, despite finishing in third place.

Chris stormed out of rehearsals for the final night and failed to appear for the last live show, amognst taboid claims he had got into arguments with the other finalists.

There was much speculation about whether or not Chris would even take part in the tour, but bosses confirmed before Christmas that his spot on the line up was safe.

Thank God for that.

Needless to say however it's going to be quite uncomfortable behind the scenes.

A source says: "Now that the other singers have voiced their feelings towards Chris, it's ogling to be very awkward backstage."

They claimed: "He'll likely b giving his own dressing room and rehearsal slot so as to see the others as little as possible."

Rylan Clark previously insisted however that the finalists had forgiven Chris and would be starting the tour on a fresh slate.

But Rylan said this week: “At the end of the day we are all part of a family, if something goes on tour then we’ll discuss that on tour. We’re going on tour with an open mind. Clean slate, open mind.

“But what you have got to remember that we are on tour for two months. We’ll be on a bus together, sleeping together practically right next to each other for 24/7. It’s gonna be hard doing that with your best friend, let alone…whatever.

“We’ll have to see on tour what happens.”

We're sure we'll hear about it all!

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