X Factor judges: Bored Tulisa to quit the show?

Tulisa (X Factor 2012)

Tulisa won't be back on the X Factor next year because she's bored, apparently.

Having only spent two years on the show, for Tulisa to be finding boring makes us wonder how poor Louis must feel.

Tulisa's dad has been telling some people that she won't be back on the show next year because she doesn't need the rubbish that comes with it.

"She doesn't need The X Factor, she's got N-Dubz," he said.

He told Now magazine: "Tulisa doesn't want to be there, she's bored of it."

Instead, Tulisa's dad wants the singer to return to her "urban roots" and get back together with her N-Dubz bandmates.

He added: "What I want for her is security, so she never has to rely on anybody apart from herself. I want her to make some serious dosh, millions, by doing an independent album with N-Dubz."

Clearly even her dad wasn't won over Tulisa's solo album then.

Tulisa herself however said previously she felt she needed the X Factor for success.

She said: "At the end of the day I got to where I am as a solo artist with The X Factor."

But she insisted: "I'm not saying my music wasn't good enough - I still believe 'Young' would have gone to number one - but the way that I have been blown out of proportion is fully down to The X Factor and I am grateful for that and I would never bite the hand that feeds you."

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