XFactor: Christopher Maloney says Carolynne Poole's been talking rubbish!

The X Factor 2012 Week 9 - Christopher Maloney

X Factor's Christopher Maloney has hit back at Carolynne Poole's claims that he called her a "c***" during a backstage row last weekend.

Reports in the past week suggested Chris clashed with the other finalists backstage during the weekend’s final, branding Carolynne Poole a “c**t” during rehearsals.

Chris subsequently went missing for Sunday’s final after finishing the show in third place the day before.

Speaking to The Sun earlier this week, Carolynne revealed: “He was horrible. Basically, because I didn’t say ‘hi’ and kiss his a***, he called me a c***.

“Everyone heard it. I said to him ‘did you just call me a c***?’ and he denied it, but I heard him.

“He had been drinking, you could smell it on him."

Fellow contestant Kye Sones added: “Everything ­Carolynne said is true.

“He’s had a mask on for 10 weeks and it’s well and truly slipped off and shown him for exactly who he is.”

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo however, Chris branded Carolynne's claims as complete "nonsense".

He said: “I read that I’d gone to rehearsals and called Carolynne a really nasty swear word. It’s just nonsense.

“I got in to rehearsals the next day, I was feeling awful and she was laughing at me and saying that I hadn’t deserved to come third.

“I just said: ‘You’ve got a cheek’ and she accused me of calling her a ****. I certainly didn’t say that. I wouldn’t speak to anyone like that. I said ‘no, I didn’t’ but she just kept saying it. I don’t want to say anything nasty about anyone, but it felt maybe like she had an agenda. She’d gone out in week one and maybe she wanted to be back in the headlines."

Chris added to the newspaper: “I don’t know what her motives were.

“Maybe she did mishear me. I don’t know. But I felt like I was being bullied. I definitely never said that. And I definitely wasn’t drunk. I’d been vomiting all night, and I was on medication for my chest infection so the last thing I’d do would be to get drunk.”

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