X Factor's Christopher Maloney tells fans to "F**k off" (VIDEO)

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

Here's a video of Christopher Maloney on a night out at The X Factor final, getting abusive with fans.

The singer was being videoed with his boyfriend at a night club, and got confrontational with X Factor viewers who had asked the Liverpudlian singer for a photo.

He told them to "f**k off" as he got into a cab with his partner, after getting into a fight outside the entrance with another male couple over the show.

Admittedly, the 'fans' asking do seem like quite annoying folks - to put it nicely - themselves.

Chris was rapped by bosses for going out drinking that night, the day before Saturday's final which saw Chris eliminated.

“Christopher and the other two remaining contestants were told under no circumstances were they to go out partying,” a source told the Daily Mirror at the weekend. “The producers were angry he broke the ban. He was reprimanded and told his behaviour wasn’t what was expected.”

The newspaper reported that a drunk Chris snubbed fans who had asked for a photo with the singer.

An onlooker told the tabloid: “Chris looked him up and down then carried on ­chatting to his mates.

“He seemed rude and arrogant – a different person from the polite man earlier. It’s like a split personality.”