X Factor 2012: Let's look back at the predictions we made at the start of the series...

X Factor 2012 finalists

As we approach the final of The X Factor, it's perhaps a good time to look back on some of the predictions we made way back at the start.

It seems like only yesterday we were waiting for the first auditions to air , and now we're counting down the days to the final.

Back when the finalists were revealed, we made a few predictions, but how did they turn out?

Well, for the wildcard, we were pretty confident it would Christopher Maloney, even if we were personally hoping for Amy. Imagine what a difference that outcome would've made to the show!

In the groups category and our predictions were surprisingly accurate. MK1 were the first out leading to a brief boyband battle that Union J eventually won out on.

We were quite spot on with the boys too, marking out Jahmene Douglas and James Arthur for the top spots. Rylan Clark certainly overstayed his welcome as far as our predictions go, but we don't think that anyone was ever expecting him to win.

In the girls and somehow we managed to correctly predict Lucy Spraggan as a shock exit from the competition. Admittedly, we felt she'd be voted out rather than get sick and have to withdraw, but we're still going to count it!

Jade Ellis was very much overshadowed as we expected she would be by the two much bigger girls in her category, while Ella Henderson surprised us by going out a lot earlier than we had anticpated.

When it comes to the Overs we didn't do so well.

Despite the category being touted as the best before the show started, the public didn't warm to any of them (wild card Christopher aside).

We felt Carolynne Poole could've won while Melanie Masson and her huge voice deserved to go a lot further than she did.

But what's just the way the show goes!

Who were you expecting or hoping to win the show back at the start? Did anyone predict the final three correctly?

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