X Factor 2012 voting leak: Christopher Maloney topped vote for past seven weeks

Chris Maloney (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 hopeful Christopher Maloney has topped the votes for the past seven weeks, it's been claimed.

It's been reported today that Chris has made X Factor history by staying top of the weekly results since the first live show.

Despite the best attempts of the judges who have done nothing but slate his performances, Chris' support hasn't wavered.

It could mean that tonight's bottom two result will prove just as shocking as last week's, with only five acts including Chris remaining.

Only Chris and Jahmene have yet to avoid the bottom two this series, with the gap between the two apparently growing.

It all means that Chris is the tip to win the show in next month's Manchester final.

An X Factor insider told the Daily Star Sunday today: “Traditionally it’s been said acts who do well early on lose momentum in later rounds but Chris shows no sign of that.

“It’s not certain he’ll win but other acts must raise their game and get fans voting – and fast – if they want to upset him. It’s looking really good for him.”

And Chris vowed to stand up to his haters, saying today: “I’ve been bullied in the past and I know what bullying is about.

“Bullies have won too many times when I was younger.

“People have said bad things over the years and I’ve given up. I gave up on my dream because of bullies.

“But I’m not going to give up this time. I’ve wasted too many years. I’ll never quit because I’m a fighter.”


The X Factor 2012 continues tonight on ITV1 and ITV1HD with Sunday's results show, one more act get the axe, and there will be performances from Rhianna and Bruno Mars.

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  • Lisa

    I also noticed that he has never been in the bottom two. It also mustn't be forgotten that he was voted into the competition by the public in the first place. Given the other acts left who, frankly, are boring, I think only Jahmene can beat him (and he doesn't always sing in tune!). Christopher has a great voice and I hope he wins....he deserves it.

    • fedup

      I agree with you, Lisa. I would love for him to win, because he has sang better than James and Jahmane on many Saturday nights, it would also be good to see nicole , tulisa and louis faces

  • Think it is time we see voting figures. Absolute joke that Christopher is still in with the best voices leaving. If he wins this will be an absolute joke, and time this sham of a competetion stopped.

  • fred

    i wonder if theres a factory in liverpool full of mobiles auto-dialing for him.

  • sue

    Im sorry i dont beleive chris has won nearly every week his voice is ok nothing different not special who the hell is voting for him !He should not be in final .Ella should have been there and union j !I think this has been the worst yr a lot of talent was sent home it winds me up when the judges take turns in being bloody twats !!!

    • fedup

      In reply to Sue, technically speaking, Christopher had one of the best vocal voices in the competition. based on that , he had just as much right to be there as anyone else he should teach james a thing or two about singing.