XFactor 2012: Chris Maloney accused of strangling former colleague

Chris Maloney (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 hopeful Christopher Maloney has been accused of attacking a former colleague.

The cruise ship singer allegedly strangled fellow cabaret performer Janette Galbraith in a row when the pair worked together.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Janette claims she and Chris clashed when they used to work together on a cruise ship.

She said: "We were the male and female lead singers in a nightly show.

“At first Christopher was lovely and we really hit it off. We shared a tiny cabin. He was unbelievably vain but I used to find it funny."

Janettte continued: "He turned into a real diva. He’d complain to the sound ­engineers about his mike, or tell the dancers they were too close to him on the stage or moan to the producers that he wasn’t getting enough ­rehearsal time.

“Living on a cruise liner can be very ­claustrophobic – and living with Christopher became a ­nightmare.”

Discussing the alleged attack, she revealed: “I gave him a few home truths about what the other singers and dancers ­really thought of him. I told him that no one liked him.

“Suddenly he flipped. His face totally changed. It was like he was someone else. His eyes started to burn red and he began shouting.

“He lunged towards me and grabbed me around the throat. I screamed and tried to get him off."

Chris denies the claims.

Chris' former boss boss Mollie Daley previously hit out at the singer for faking his nerves, claiming he was a top performer on the Bolero cruise ship.

Chris had claimed in his audition: “I’ve never put myself out there like this before. Today I’ve just bitten the bullet.”

However in an interview with The Sun, Daley said: “I was astonished when I listened to all these claims by Chris to Gary Barlow that no one had given him a chance.

“That was so disingenuous of him. He came to us in 2000 after spotting our advert in The Stage. He had a big voice which was a bit rough around the edges, but we knew we had to have him. And we gave him months of vocal coaching. It’s strange that he says he was so nervous, because he didn’t show a hint of nerves when he was on stage with us.

“In fact he became so popular he ended up recording an album that we sold on board.”

Last night saw Christopher perform Fernando by Abba as one of this two songs, and the judges weren't impressed.

Nicole Scherzinger remarked: "That was a lovely theatrical piece, it was very beautiful. Very good vocals, but it was a little bit of a snoozer for me... but you work really hard and that’s what I ask for."

Louis Walsh added: "It was like something from Abba the musical, all those guys had their tops off... I’m just glad you kept yours on!"

And Tulisa complained: "The staging was creepy, I didn’t understand why you were surrounded by people in their swimwear, I didn’t get it."


The X Factor 2012 continues tonight on ITV1 and ITV1HD with Sunday's results show, one more act get the axe, and there will be performances from Rhianna and Bruno Mars.

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