X Factor 2012 'to release voting figures live' to boost ratings

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The X Factor 2012 is to reveal voting figures and percentages live on Sunday night's results shows, it's been claimed.

Detailed results of the show's outcomes have usually been a closely guarded secret, with bosses only revealing them since the fifth series back in 2008.

However even then, the stats have been released after the show is off air and the winner has been chosen.

In the US this year, the stats are revealed live, with viewers knowing exactly which act placed where on the vote.

It's a move that's apparently set to be applied to the UK show for the first time in a bid to boost ratings.

However it won't be seen in action until next year's series, The Sun reports.

An insider told the newspaper: “If the viewers knew popular acts like Ella and James Arthur were pulling in low numbers of votes it would encourage them to pick up the phone.

“Revealing the voting numbers each week has really brought a new dynamic to the US show.

“Simon is looking to introduce it in the UK next year as part of a major shake-up.”

On the one hand, revealing the results is sure to increase the drama of the show on results night, but we can't help but think it could spoil future shows.

Would last Sunday night's bottom two have been so shocking if we'd have known that Christopher was never in danger or that Ella and James weren't really the favourites they were made out to be?

It could also make the show predictable.

Back in 2010, Matt Cardle topped the vote every week from the second live show, meaning it would have been clear to viewers he was going to win from the early stages. If we'd have known that at the time the show would've no doubt lost viewers, not to mention interest from anyone other than Matt's fans.

What do you think? Should the stats be released while the show is on air?

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