The X Factor 2012: Live Show Seven (Guilty Pleasures) review

The X Factor 2012 - Jahmene Douglas

X Factor 2012's Guilty pleasures week and we are down to the final six.

Union J were up first, surviving last week by the skin of their teeth. Last group standing and all that. Mind you, I am seriously jealous they all got to go and perform at Disneyland Paris. What an experience for them. Have they done enough to hold on again this week. Mmmmm, think the clock is ticking. Sorry lads.

Yet again I got chills listening to Ella. This girl is just soooo fantastic. Shame we can't just end this competition right now. I have no more to say, she is just amazing. Can't wait for the album.

James Arthur also looked liked he had a great time in Paris. James is worried he won't get a recording contract. Well if he doesn't, this industry is all wrong. Alongside Ella, he is one of the best contestants we have ever had on the X Factor. I love you man!!

Rylan certainly gave us his unique style again this week. He too went to Paris, but for some reason we weren't treated to the sound of his concert. Why not? I am sure it is on You Tube somewhere. This week was a tad bland for Rylan. But let's remember he is still in the competition. Rock on Rylan. I definitely enjoy watching his performances more than some of the others.

Onto our next act, Christopher. Sorry but it's still not grabbing me. I hate to be rude but his act is starting to get annoying.

Jaheme brought the show to it's finale is week. He is such a sound bloke, and can of course sing but I am waiting for the spark to ignite. We shall see.

I think Rylan and Union J could be in trouble this week.

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The X Factor live shows continue tonight on ITV1 with latest results show.

As well as another elimination, this evening's show will feature performances from Olly Murs and Alicia Keys.

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