XFactor 2012: Louis Walsh: We must stop Chris Maloney from winning

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

X Factor judge Louis Walsh has admitted bosses are trying to make sure that Christopher Maloney doesn't win the show.

The Irish music mogul confessed this weekend that he doesn't want to see Chris Maloney winning the show.

It's fair to say that Louis has made no secret about his dislike of Chris, often criticising the Liverpudlian singer's live performances.

In an interview with the official ITV1 X Factor website last week, Louis once again complained about Chris: “I don’t get him! He’s very old fashioned. What’s the cheesiest cheese? Cheddar! Yes, he’s vintage cheddar all the way.”

Louis added: “In my eyes, he’s definitely the biggest diva behind-the-scenes. From what I hear, he demands the most backstage!”

Seaking to the Guardian this weekend, Louis bemoaned once more: "The other contestants call him shake and fake. He keeps getting really big votes, though."

We'd love to know just what Chris has done to annoy Louis, as we find it to believe it's just down to the cheesy song choices!

Meanwhile, Louis admitted he's been missing recording the show with Simon Cowell.

He told the newspaper today: "When I'm with Simon we always laugh. I'm very like Simon. We're in this business of selling music and selling dreams.

"But people don't realise he's actually brilliant fun. He's so much nicer than people think he is. He never curses, is never rude to people. Ever."

He added: "Off camera, that is. People think he's this tough, ruthless, money-making machine. I don't think he loves money that much."

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The X Factor live shows continue tonight on ITV1 with latest results show.

As well as another elimination, this evening's show will feature performances from Olly Murs and Alicia Keys.

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