XFactor 2012: Rylan Clark suggests Chris Maloney is a diva

The X Factor 2012 Week 6 - Rylan Clark

X Factor's Rylan Clark has suggested that Chris Maloney is a diva backstage.

It's been claimed by both backstage sources and even the judges that Chris is a lot to handle behind the scenes.

In an interview with the official ITV1 X Factor website this week, Louis once again complained about Chris: “I don’t get him! He’s very old fashioned. What’s the cheesiest cheese? Cheddar! Yes, he’s vintage cheddar all the way.”

Louis added: “In my eyes, he’s definitely the biggest diva behind-the-scenes. From what I hear, he demands the most backstage!”

However Chris hit back: “I’ve been working my socks off. Gary is really hands on with me. I’ve been rehearsing non-stop. I’m the last one in the Overs category standing and I feel as though I have a lot to prove.”

Insisting he’s not a big diva, Chris went on: “Gary tells me to stay focused and ignore any unkind and tactical comments from Louis! I’m NOT a diva backstage.”

Giving his views, Rylan took his time, but ultimately declared cryptically: "Most stories have substance to them."

He explained: "It's a really stressful environment, but I don't like seeing people spoken to like s**t. And if I do, I say something about it. I'm very proud that I'm the same boy I was when I started."

Speaking to Now magazine, Rylan added: "I don't need a sob story or to be rude when I don't get what I went. The truth will out."

Rylan also revealed his inside view on Ella Henderson and George Shelley's rumoured romance.

“Ella’s my little sister and George is my little brother. I told them: ‘If you touch each other, I’ll kill you!’” Rylan said.

However Rylan doesn’t have a problem with Ella and George – who have become Gella (sigh) – hooking up after the live shows.

He tells Now magazine this week: “Once the show’s over, they can be an item.

“I’d happily give them my blessing, but for now no snogging or touching. Or I’ll slap them!”


The X Factor continues with its live shows this weekend with a guilty pleasures theme.

Sunday's results show will feature performances from Alicia Keys and Olly Murs, as well as one more act being given the boot.

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