Little Mix release their own dolls... and they're hilariously awful

Little Mix on X Factor

X Factor winners Little Mix today launched their own doll range, and the results are pretty hilarious.

We're not entirely sure who these toys are aimed at as we imagine they'd only end up in giving most children nightmares.

But it's the latest in a line of money making plans for the girls, who really are making the most of their time in the spotlight.

Next year will see the girls launch their own fashion line. In Primark, admittedly, but still.

Back to the dolls, and Leigh-Anne said: “It was so weird seeing a mock-up of them."

And in a contender for understatement of the year, Leigh-Anne added: "They did get a few minor things wrong."

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, bandmate Jade revealed: “We got to dress them up, put them in our clothes, our own styles.

“Mine has little high-pump trainers with bows on and everything. It’s brilliant.”

However Perrie wasn’t so impressed with her look-a-like.

“I looked like the Child Catcher off Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang,” she moaned. “My nose was huge and long. I told them to just give me a nail file and I’d chisel it down.

“When we originally said that we wanted our own doll range, it was us taking the mick. But now it’s actually happening!”


Little Mix dolls

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