The X Factor 2012: Live Show Six (Best of British) review

The X Factor 2012 Week 6 - Ella Henderson

I will say, I am proud to be British. This weekend I was honoured to be involved with the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall.

Jonjo Kerr, one of the best singers from the 2011 X Factor, was asked to perform with the Military Wives. His solo male performance of "In My Dreams" received one of the loudest applauses and many comments, that the song should be released as a single. Well done mate. Check out his performance via the BBC iplayer

Then, it was Best of British week on the X Factor.

Finger clicking Christopher started the ball rolling this week. Yes he is still standing. Good on yer man. Why not enjoy it. The public must like him, as he keeps coming back.

Jaheme has a superb voice and for me, he is only just warming up with his vocal ability. But he will be eaten alive if he ever got loose in the music industry. Perhaps he should have a session in the Celebrity Jungle before he releases his first record. A few bugs will help sort him out before he meets the real thing!!

District 3 gave an OK performance this week. They do still however, have a missing edge over Union J. Maybe four is better than 3!! Or in the case of 1D, five is definitely better than four. It is a tough time to be a boy band trying to break it.

I would like to think Ella Henderson will walk this competition. She gave another outstanding performance. Potentially world class. Best for me now in the competition.

Tanlicious (what??) Rylan paid homage to our British classic girl group. He gave us a girl power mash up. He is such a performer and he makes me smile. Spice up your life Rylan style.

Union J gave a powerful rendition. Jamie definitely carries the band and will be the lead if they go onto greater things. Lets hope so.

Finally, James Arthur, rocked the house again. He is such a cool dude, loved by everyone. It will be a tight ship against Ella as he is hot on her heels. They will each have their own fans, so it may be a case of how many will pick up the phone.

Did I mention, that I think Jonjo Kerr's "In My Dreams" should be released as a single...

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The X Factor 2012 continues tonight with the latest results show, featuring performances from Ed Sheeran and Little Mix, as well as one more act being given the boot.

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