X Factor 2012: District3 annoyed by Chris Maloney's drunken antics

District3 (X Factor 2012)

X Factor boy group District3 have revealed how they've been left frustrated by Chris Maloney's drunken antics.

The Liverpudlian apparently passed out after a night boozing last week, leaving the there boys to discover him sprawled over the hotel room.

The boys revealed: "We tried to get him into bed and that but... he was literally completely passed out.

"We were like, 'Come on Chris, go to bed mate, you've got to get up for rehearsals', but he was having none of it".

Speaking to DigitalSpy, the group confessed they seized on the opportunity to take advantage of a drunk Chris by playing pranks on him.... and "slapping [him] every now and again".

And it seems like all of the show's finalists have been picking on poor Chris.

Ella said: "We’re always playing pranks on Christopher Maloney. While he’s asleep, we pour stuff like honey in his belly button."

But it doesn't look like the District3 guys can really complain, with the group's Micky Parsons getting a reputation as the worst drunk... because he likes to get naked.

"I've got far too many pictures of Micky when he's just fallen asleep on top of his bed naked," District3's Greg said.

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor[/cat] continues this Saturday night on ITV1.

The latest results show follows on Sunday evening, which will feature performances from Rita Ora and No Doubt, as well as one more act being given the boot.

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