The X Factor 2012: Live Show Three review

District3 (X Factor 2012)

What an opener tonight. Dermot started the show with his magic moves while the judges all looked like they wished they were somewhere else tonight! Cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Club Classics was the theme for the night. Gary's, Christopher Maloney started the sparkling ball rolling. Mmmmm, Not his strongest moment. I noticed the smirk from Louis. Let's see what the public think.

MK1 gave us a mash-up mix more suited to their vibe. These two always look like they love what they do and have a great time. I'm warming to them and I hope they are with us again next week.

Jahmene started his performance looking a bit uncomfortable tonight. Once he found his confidence though he was on a roll. A good solid performance.

Jade Ellis gave us a cracking performance tonight. Her voice held up after trouble during the week and she sang well. Very Gabrielle like. Louis wasn't a fan though. He must be listening to someone else.

Tonight was full of drama for everyone. Seems that this last week has been really tough for our new recruits.

Now James Arthur gave us what must have been the best cover of "I'm sexy and I know it!" Very unique and he made the song totally his own. A very clever move.

Union J are an alright band, girls love them, but can't help thinking we have seen all this before, a bit like Blue meets Westlife, meets Five. Sorry lads but it's nothing new.

Rylan, Rylan, Rylan. He is fun but he can't sing. I was cringing before Gary spoke. But, no doubt he will be around for a few weeks. What a final that would be if he got that far!!!

Didn't really warm to Lucy's version of part written, Titanium. If anything she made it sound rather dull - it's all getting a bit samey.

Kye, in my humble opinion, was even worse than last week. Didn't get the Coldplay comparisons at all.

District 3 gave a 100% improved performance on last week. Was even toe tapping myself. They had a scare last week, and this week, they gave it everything. Long may it continue...they are my wildcard, after all.

Ella saved the best till last. She can do no wrong. Loved her performance. Might as well just stop the show now and give her her trophy now. A star shining above the rest (now that Carolynne has gone).

OK judges, calm down and come back next week on speaking terms...and smile.

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