X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark "furious" over hotel eviction

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 sensation Rylan Clark is apparently "furious" after being axed from the show's posh hotel.

Rylan and Lucy were evicted from the 5 star London hotel that the show's finalists are staying in after they went out on the town and got VERY drunk!

“Rylan was furious when he was told he would have to leave the Corinthia," a source told The Sun this week.

The insider added: “He was whinging it wasn’t fair to separate him from the others as he might not have long left on the show.

"But bosses are being resolute on this and say Rylan and Lucy need to be punished for their boozy antics.”

However speaking at yesterday's soundcheck at the X Factor studios in Wembley, Rylan didn't seem too upset.

He said: "You know what? I wasn’t bothered that the press said I’d gone out and got pissed becaues I loved it."

He joked: "I was just so disappointed that my arse looked like a sack of spanners! And I’ve got Lucy’s handprint on it as well.”

The 23-year-old, who together with Lucy has been moved to a much less nicer hotel, added: “It was needed, I really needed that night out and we had a great time.”

[cat c="the x factor"]XFactor 2012[/cat] continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV1.

This weekend will see the remaining eleven finalists singing tracks with a Club Classics theme, while JLS and Labrinth will guest star on Sunday night's third live results show.

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