XFactor 2012: Fans split on Chris Maloney's 'faked nerves'

Christopher Maloney (X Factor 2012)

X Factor fans seem split on whether Christopher Maloney is faking his nerves on the show.

There's been several claims recently that the Liverpudlian singer has been playing up to the cameras.

As well as being a seasoned cruise ship entertainer, it was also recently revealed Chris also appeared in panto as a Genie.

An ex-colleague told The Sun: “Many of us who have worked with him cannot believe some of the rubbish he is coming out with… He was arrogant and cocky. I never saw a trace of nerves.”

But Chris hit out at the claims this week.

Speaking backstage at the show’s studios yesterday, he said: “I’m 34 and singing on the ship was about six weeks, then I’ve done other stuff for maybe seven weeks, all when I was in my twenties.”

He claimed the stories were “negative and hurtful” but admitted: “It’s just part and parcel of the show, but I’ve still got feelings, and it is hurtful."

TellyMix viewers are split, with Gabby Evans writing on our Facebook page: "I said it from the start he used to perform on cruise ships there's no way he would be that nervous."

But Jamie Babcock hit back "NOT faking the nerves.....whether he used to perform on cruise ships or not . It takes alot to stand in front of thousands of ppl and sing and be judged as to actually having a "job" and being paid to sing on a cruise ship . I watched his first performance and is was magnificent and his nerves were shot !!!! but he did a wonderful job . I hope he wins !!!"

Kathie Chisholm added: "You can't fake the kind of 'nerves' that Chris has got. It is a condition of the nervous system which cannot be controlled . . similar to panic attacks. He tries very hard not to let this happen but chemical reactions in the brain will re-act unsympathetically. The most confident of people can suffer from this. I am one of them and know exactly what he is going thro . . trust me he is very brave!

However Stella Owens on Twitter told us: " He's a fake and so much desperation in his face to win."

Do you think Chris is upping the nerves for votes?

Regardless, his performances so far have fallen flat, so the pressure is certainly on for Chris to bring it this evening!

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor 2012[/cat] live shows continue at 8:20PM tonight on ITV1.

The third elimination will take place on Sunday night's live show, which will also feature performances from JLS and Labrinth.

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