X Factor: Union J insist George Shelley is fitting into the group

Union J (X Factor 2012)

X Factor stars Union J have hit out at claims suggesting that they're failing to bond as a four piece.

Louis Walsh formed the new group at judges' houses this year, putting Tripe J - JJ, Josh and Jaymi - together with failed solo act George Shelley.

There have been claimed that George has been 'feeling lonely' in the group, with the teenager being quoted by Now magazine as saying: ā€œIā€™m so lonely ā€“ the other boys know each other really well and I still feel like an outsider."

However JJ insisted this week: "We have banter and take the mick out of him, as we do with each other."

George explained: "They've teased me about my hair no end. In fact, they tease me about all sorts of stuff, but then we all tease each other.

"Everything from what we wear to how some of us store at night. Or walk round naked at night.

"I feel I've always been with the others."

On the group's late night (and seemingly naked!) antics, George added: "I share a room, with Jaymi and there's always something funny going on."

Josh, originally from Triple J, said backstage at rehearsals: "Obviously, we're still bonding with George as a four piece, but, to be honest, we do everything together.

"We eat like a boyband, wee like a boyband, we poo like a boyband."

A bit TMI there, Josh, but we get the idea.

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor 2012[/cat] continues this Saturday and Sunday night on ITV1.

This weekend will see the remaining eleven finalists singing tracks with a Club Classics theme, while JLS and Labrinth will guest star on Sunday night's third live results show.

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