The X Factor 2012: Live Show Two review

Ella Henderson (X Factor 2012)

The pantomime season started early last Sunday and if I had paid for a ticket, I would have demanded my money back...

I won't dwell on the negatives, but instead focus on the positives, for the recent contestant, who is still my favourite, Carolynne Poole. After the turmoil of the voting, thousands more people around the world who never watch, or have never known what the X Factor is, (are there many?) now know who she is. Added to that, the many enquiries I have had for her from some of the UK's top producers and song writers, the future is looking very rosy indeed. Remember, it's not all about the winning.

Right, back to the competition....

[tag]Jahmene Douglas[/tag] got us off to a flying start, I really like his performances and he is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists in the show. Strong contender for the crown.

[tag]Christopher Maloney[/tag], oh dear. This was not good. It really did not work. Dated and I hate to agree with Louis, it did sound an act I would see on a cruise ship.

[tag]Union J[/tag] were much better this week and my pre live show prediction of them being dark horses looks promising. Looking and sounding great.

[tag]Ella Henderson[/tag] is head and shoulders above everyone in this years show and sadly for the producers, it's already looking a bit predictable. World class.

[tag]James Arthur[/tag] has a great voice but like-ability is the struggle for me, maybe in time I will bond with him, but just not yet.

[tag]Lucy Spraggan[/tag] ended what was an awful week for her, personally wise. She gave us a fantastic version of 'Gold digger', one of the most likeable and talented contestants in this years show.

[tag]District3[/tag] started nervy and I have to agree with Gary the harmonies were off, especially at the start. Not long left I feel.

[tag]Jade Ellis[/tag]' vocal tone is awesome, what a voice this girl has, it reminded me of a young Gabrielle. Brilliant.

[tag]MK1[/tag] are current and have a great image but for the second week in a row the vocal was off. They need to improve and fast. Their direction is a bit up in the air too.

[tag]Kye Sones[/tag] needs an identity, I agree with the judges. Good singer but where would he fit in the current market? We have seen his like before unfortunately and there won't be much staying power if he doesn't find his X Factor.

[tag]Rylan Clark[/tag], who I once had high hopes for, didn't sing a note in tune tonight. Yes he puts on a show, but so did Wagner!. The performances will slowly become more annoying than entertaining if he doesn't brush up on the voice.

[tag]Melanie Masson[/tag] belted her heart out, another consistent performance. Hope she stays around for a while yet.

Aside from a few acts, tonight felt like it was still recovering from last weekends debacle. Needs to regain its 'X Factor' and fast.

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