X Factor 2012: District3 lose out to Union J in 'battle of the boybands'

District3 (X Factor 2012)

X Factor trio District3 failed to match Union J on the X Factor 2012 tonight, at least according to Gary Barlow!

The boys performed All For One hit I Swear for the panel, and split the judges.

The group were seen being unsure of their song choice in the VT before their performance, admitting: "We were worried about a boyband being a boyband song, and coming across cheesy."

When it came to the comments, the panelists were split.

Nicole Scherzinger said: "I'm going to be a little tough on you here, I need to see something else from you boys. I need you to rub oil all over your bodies and then sing the song like you mean it... any volunteers, girls?"

Gary Barlow said: "Boys, I think you’ve had a really bad night tonight. The harmonies were off, when you watch this back you’ll be disappointed.

"The song choice was very dated and I think in the battle of the boybands, Union J have taken it tonight."

But Tulisa said: "I understand why Louis picked that for you, because your strong point is your harmonies. I am going to face the facts here, you guys are competing with the other boy group in the competition Union J, your strong point are your harmonies. They have charisma and strong individual singers but you have the harmonies."

And Louis Walsh hit back at Gary: "I think you're going death!"

Watch [tag]District3[/tag] on The X Factor 2012 below...

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