X Factor 2012: Kye Sones: 'Gary Barlow is a legend'

Kye Sones (X Factor 2012)
first performance was every emotiona in two and half minutes

Kye Sones has revealed he's got a bit of a bromance going with his X Factor mentor Gary Barlow.

Speaking to the show's official sponsors Talk Talk, Kye branded the Take That star a "legend" this weekend.

“He’s a legend, he’s an absolute legend," Kye said in a backstage chat.

Although it seems that the pair's celebrity lifestyle isn't perhaps as glamour as they'd like us to think.

Kye revealed: "We were just having a really important chat about the perfect cup of tea… what colour it should be, and what temperature it should be at.”

Fascinating stuff!

At 30, Kye is only just an Over, and he confessed that he feels more part of the Boys category rather than the Overs.

“It’s nice to be in the overs, because it separates me from the boys… it's the men from the boys if you like," Kye.

But he continued: "I’m the youngest over they’ve ever had, so I feel like I'm in the boys rather than the overs."

Watch our recent video interview with Kye below...

The X Factor 2012 continues tonight at 8:00PM on ITV1 with the latest results show.

Last night saw the remaining contestants singing tracks with a love and heartbreak theme before the public voted once again.

Tonight's show will see the second elimination of the series, as well as performances from US country star Taylor Swift and former X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson.

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