X Factor 2012: Rylan Clark doesn't win Gary Barlow over with Gangnam Style mash up

Rylan Clark (X Factor 2012)

Rylan Clark split the panel on The X Factor 2012 tonight, and failed to win over Gary Barlow.

The 23-year-old from Essex put on one heck of a show with a dance song mash up of Groove Is In The Heart & Gangnam Style & Pump Up The Jam.

Gary Barlow moaned: "Rylan if is this a competition for how many songs you could kill in two minutes you would win. The best bit was my song!

"It was just to cover up for the fact you cant sing. I'm never going to like this."

Louis Walsh however stood up and gushed: "That is entertainment with a capital E, I loved the mashup, it couldn't get any camper, we need you on the show!"

Tulisa said: "Rylan, I've got to be real, it's a bit cheese and karaoke but it's blinking entertaining. Anyone who says they don't want to see you is lying to themselves. "

Nicole Scherzinger said: "There was dancing fashion pandas, who doesn't love that? What's so great about you is you're not afraid to take a risk and you're fun and playful You were living."

Watch [tag]Rylan Clark[/tag] on The X Factor 2012 below...


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