X Factor news: Kye Sones says yes to marriage proposals from fans!

Kye Sones (X Factor 2012)

X Factor star Kye Sones has confessed he's loving the female attention... and has even been accepting marriage proposals.

The 30-year-old has been enjoying all of his new fans, who are seemingly not shy about letting their feelings known.

"People have always said that I’m not good-looking enough, that I don’t look like a pop star. That has always held me back in the past," Kye confessed.
“As soon as I was 15 I didn’t want to go to college, I wanted to be a singer and a pop star.

“I used to go for loads of auditions but it was never about the voice or how good I was, it was always down to this other thing, that I looked weird and didn’t look right. That was really harsh.

“It really affected my confidence. It totally destroys you when you are that young. It is heartbreaking."

Speaking to The Sun, the Chimney Sweep explained: “I never expected to get through my first X Factor audition. When I did, I thought maybe there was hope out there after all. Maybe everything has happened in the past for this reason.

“So it is quite overwhelming to suddenly get this attention from girls and to be called a heart-throb. I’m not used to that but it has boosted my confidence massively.

“Outside the hotel where we are staying, there are always loads of screaming girls. I have had quite a few marriage proposals on Twitter. It is really funny — but I am not complaining."

He joked: “I just say yes to all of them. I have said yes to about 20 now. I am going to have a busy year!”

Watch our recent chat with Kye below...


The X Factor 2012 continues tonight on ITV1.

This weekend will see the remaining contestants singing tracks with a love and heartbreak theme before the public vote once again, and one more act is eliminated on Sunday night's second results show, which will also feature performances from Taylor Swift and Rebecca Ferguson.

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