So what went wrong? Our take on Carolynne Poole's controversial exit!

Carolynne Poole (X Factor 2012)So we're certain you will have noticed the controversy brewing over the last few days following the first live show of The X Factor. After Carolynne Poole (pictured left) left the competition in favour of Essex chap Rylan Clark who performed much poorer in the sing-off, fans took to Facebook, Twitter and even the comments box on TellyMix to complain about [judge] Louis Walsh's decision to take the vote to deadlock after Carolynne and Rylan landed in the bottom two despite Carolynne performing much better. However, the question is 'what went wrong'?

Well first of all, it's the VT! This video has the potential to make or break a contestant and on Saturday night, it seemed like it may have been the latter after the video appeared to present Carolynne as slightly high-maintenance. However as guest writer Dean 'Midas' Maynard can vouch for, having been in contact with her in person and as ourselves can state having interacted with Carolynne both this year and last year, she couldn't be any different. We fear that Carolynne may have been presented in a negative and untrue light!


However, another factor which may have contributed to Carolynne coming last in the voting is the voting itself. Lines opened at the start of the show on Saturday night meaning that effectively, people could vote for their favourites regardless of the quality of their performances. And with voting well known to favour good looking young guys and counting against pretty girls, it may have been the voting that counted against her favour.


And there's no denying that the song choice may have also been a factor as Gary himself did pick a very risky choice for Carolynne, giving her a Nicki Minaj song in a country style so maybe the public found it difficult to connect with Carolynne in the performance? We personally loved her vocals on the song but considering how varied opinions can be, it's possible that this may have been a contributing factor also.


Last but certainly not least is the big one...we're sure that you've seen the photo of that person speaking to Louis on Sunday night's results show during Carolynne's sing-off song, that person being executive producer Richard Holloway! However, whilst we're sure that the producer wasn't asking him if he takes two sugars in his tea, we won't jump to conclusions. As soon as the sing-off was announced, rather than thinking that it was good that Carolynne was against a much weaker singer, we let out a collective sigh as memories of Jedward vs Lucy and Treyc vs Katie came flooding back. It's no surprise that Rylan was saved in favour of Carolynne but whether the producer DID prompt Louis or whether he really is that indecisive, there was something fishy about Sunday night. Dermot leading Louis by refusing to accept 'I keep Carolynne' but then accepting 'I'm taking it to deadlock' despite earlier stating that he needed Louis to confirm who he was sending home was strange enough without a producer distracting the judge during Carolynne's sing-off performance.


Was Sunday's The X Factor fixed? We really don't know but what we do know is that Carolynne has an incredible voice and X Factor or no X Factor, we're sure she'll be a success. Maybe it's for the best, with whispers that Nashville have contacted the 31-year-old already, it's already looking up.

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