X Factor 2012: Union J get naked to distract us from the fact they can't really sing

Union J (X Factor 2012)

After their pretty awful performance on The X Factor at the weekend, Union J have been going out of their way to do everything to campaign for votes.

Everything apart from actually getting better at singing, that is.

Revealing some of their recent naked antics, Jaymi told Sugarscape: "JJ came from a spray tan in nothing but a gown.

“So we nicked it, stripped his pants off and chucked him on the balcony naked!”

With the most Twitter followers of any of the other acts in the competition, it seems that the boys may well be in the competition for some time to come.

And their rival boy group District3 have also seemingly been focusing a lot more on their looks than their singing.

"We've had tutorials on cleansing, toning and moisturising," the group's Mickey said.

Greg added: "We were beauty therapy virgins before, so it's all new to us."

It was reported this morning that Simon had imposed a 'sex and booze' ban on the finalists, after getting fed up of their antics in their £500-a-night hotel.

“Simon’s ordered a strict ban on bad behavior in the contestants’ house – there’s a drinking curfew in place and it’s been made clear that absolutely no sex is allowed,” a supposed source claimed. “They’ve been told you’re here to work, not play”

The X Factor 2012 continues this Saturday night on ITV1, with the results show following on Sunday night with performances from Taylor Swift and Rebecca Ferguson.

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