X Factor: Caroline Flack spills all on Gary Barlow's humour and Tulisa's two dinners!

Gary Barlow

Xtra Factor host Caroline Flack has been spilling the beans on her time backstage with the judges.

In an interview with heat magazine, Caroline reveals all on Gary Barlow's true sense of humour, Tulisa's two dinners and Nicole's Essex accent.

"Gary is a lot funnier than people think. He’s got a dry sense of humour," Caroline says.

She continues: "Tulisa eats two dinners. And she eats so slowly. The whole table will have finished and she’ll still be on her dinner. Her first dinner, I mean; she’s got the second one to come.”

The petite telly host, who fronts spin off Xtra Factor with former X Factor finalist Olly Murs, goes on: "Nicole is quite good at doing an Essex accent. And she laughs at herself. I still want to grab her hair sometimes and mess it up. She always looks perfect.

"If you want gossip, go and ask Louis. He knows everything. I always try and get stuff out of him.”

Caroline adds: “Tulisa’s one of these girls you feel would always have your back. Do you know what I mean? I mean in a mother hen way, she looks out for you. She’s very soft, much more than you’d think. She’s a real girls’ girl.”

The full feature is available in heat magazine, out now.

The X Factor 2012 continues this Saturday night on ITV1, with the results show following on Sunday night with performances from Taylor Swift and Rebecca Ferguson.

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