The X Factor 2012: Live Show One review

Carolynne Poole (X Factor 2012)

At last, it's the start of the Live Shows. By now, you may already have your favourites, but as we face the first live show, will they make your chest swell with pride or make it burst like a ballon. Let the battle

Before all that though, we were reminded why the X Factor is having a viewing battle with Strictly. We have our own very own Darcy Bussell, welcome, Dermot O'Leary. Oh dear...let's hope he gets enough votes to get through to next weeks show.

First up were Midas wildcard, [tag]District3[/tag], (the group formerly known as GMD3). Good vibe, great vocal. It's a good start to the show and I can see huge potential in these three guys.

[tag]James Arthur[/tag], who caused the first of many heated exchanges on the judges bench, has a fantastic vocal range and if the judges are already fighting over you, that usually means you are a contender.

Melanie Masson turned hippie chick, (with a little help from her friends) and for me it was best of the night so far. Killer vocal with attitude, nice attitude though. Well done.

[tag]Lucy Spraggan[/tag] sang one of her own tracks and I really wanted to like it, I really did, but the more I see Lucy, the more I think she isn't suited to the show. The songwriting talent is however, second to none.

MK1 are just what this shows needs, but the vocals were weak and it just didn't work. Could be in trouble this week.

Christopher Maloney suddenly lost all the nerves and became a 'hero' after winning the wildcard. Good performance and he should sail through

[tag]Union J[/tag]...Mmmmm, right Dean, be honest but constructive. Yes, the song choice was bad, agreed, but the vocals were not good and at times it was painful. We have heard so much better so know it's hiding in there. Sorry lads.

Jade Ellis has crept through the competition, keeping a low profile, but tonight she showed why she deserves "to be on the stage". A good, solid start.

Rylan Clark brightened up the show tonight. Yes, we know his vocal isn't the strongest but it's entertaining and it's an entertainment show at the end of the day. Keep it coming Rylan. I think we can safely say Gary Barlow isn't a fan.

Kye Sones got off to a shaky start but once he relaxed it vastly improved and he already looks like a pop star.

[tag]Ella Henderson[/tag] is already looking like the winner even after the first live show. Very much in a league of her own at the moment. Very worrying for the rest.

Midas act, [tag]Carolynne Poole[/tag] took on the epic 'Starships', and she did a great, solid version of it. I just hope people pick up their phones as Carolynne has a lot more to give.

Closing the show was Jahmene Douglas. Bring out the lighters. He was great, just as I expected. Looking forward to more from him.

Out of ten, the first live show gets a Midas 6. Some good performances, but room for improvement.

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