X Factor success 'up to the contestants' says Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow (X Factor 2012)

The X Factor 2012 judge Gary Barlow has said only the acts themselves can gaurantee long term success.

Speaking about the often lacklustyre careers hat the show's stars have after the telly show ends, Gary said it was up to the contestants to make the most of the platform.

"People always criticise, saying they only last five minutes or whatever, but that’s down to the contestants," he said.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the Take That star explained: "There’s a point where you can help them, but then they’ve got to take their own reins and say, 'OK, I’ve been on X Factor, I’ve got 50,000 Twitter followers.'

"That’s a brain then; an artist and a person with an ambition going, right what do I do next? If you’re having to be told by a label or management, then it’s not for you, this spot, it’s for someone else."

Gary kicked off the X Factor 2012 live shows last night and there was plenty of drama, and Gaz insisted it was all real.

"We don’t all sit in a room and go, 'Right, how do we entertain everyone tonight?' I think it’s a show designed to make you competitive," he said. "It’s tremendous fun, but it’s also a bit of a game, as long as [that] doesn’t come at the cost of the artists.

"If you’re playing a game which gets a really good act eliminated, that’s where I draw my line. And knowing all [of the judges], I don’t believe any one would take that route. I hope not, anyway."

The X Factor 2012 live shows continue tonight on ITV1.

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