Collagen Westwood says X Factor 'ruined her life'!


Collagen Westwood has claimed that The X Factor has ruined her life.

The performer was seen auditioning on The Xtra Factor earlier this year to win a spot in bootcamp, where her group performance struggled to win over the judges.

Collagen was shown drinking before going on stage, with claims that she was drunk.

Gary told them at the time: " I have to say that was awful, absolutely awful, that’s the worst audition of the day!"

An angry Collagen however has hit out at the show in an interview with Reveal magazine.

She said: "The whole thing is one big fix and I've been made out to be a freak and some sort of alcoholic. I don't even dink normally. My grandad is a professional singer and has sung with Dolly Parton and Shirley Bassey. He's always told me a little glug of whiskey helps arm the throat.

"I'd never get drink before an audition - I want to be a serious singer but now I doubt that will happen."

And she claimed: "From the start I had the crew e-mailing me to tell me what to wear. They were trying to make out they were my friends when I was I wasn't sure, they would me it should be really outrageous and off the wall."

And Collagen also revealed her real name, Holly, had been edited out of the show.

She added: "I had foolishly told them my nickname was Collagen - and as soon as I told them that they never let it go. They were making out they I'd change d my name official, which haven't."

A spokesperson for the X Factor commented: "Her claims are completely without foundation. Collagen said on camera that she had consumed one or two whiskeys."

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