X Factor 2012: Gary Barlow not concerned about winning the show

Gary Barlow (The X Factor 2012)

X Factor 2012 judge Gary Barlow has said he's not worried about winning the show.

The Take That star told Daybreak today that he felt that the judges shouldn't be competitive to the detriment of the acts on stage.

"Obviously it would be brilliant to win, but there's always a side of me that thinks the judges should be competitive, but as long as it's not at the cost of the artists on the stage," he explained.

Gary added: "That is the main aim of this show - is to get superstars at the end of it, people who are going to sell records all over the world and I wouldn't ever stand in anyone's way if they weren't in my category just because they're not."

The hunky performer said he would make sure that all of his comments would be made in hopes of improving all of the contestants, even if they were competing in a rival category.

"If I'm doing a critique on somebody, I try and make it so it helps them for the following week, if they're still there. I don't just critique people for the sake of it just to make TV," he said.

"It's going to end up in disagreements, it always is. I have a relationship (with my acts). When someone insults them it's like someone saying 'Your kid smells' - you take it very personally."

He added: "The judges' fights are some of the great bits. I think if we just sat there all night going 'That was brilliant' to every act it would be boring."

[cat c="the x factor"]The X Factor[/cat] live shows start this Saturday night on ITV1, with the results show following on Sunday night with guest performances from Ne-Yo and Leona Lewis.

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