X Factor 2012: James Arthur hits out at "disgustingly ignorant" online trolls

James Arthur (X Factor 2012)

It seems the pressure of The X Factor bubble has already got to James Arthur, who took to Twitter last night to rant about being the target of 'trolls'.

Despite being on the favourties, it seems some comments from X Factor fans in online communities haven't pleased James.

He tweeted his 92,000 followers in the early hours: "They should be locked up for some of the s**t they say about us lot."

And added: "Some of these fools don't even realise how disgustingly ignorant and ridiculous there opinions are!! Get a life [sic]"

Needless to say the outburst prompted plenty of replies from fans, with James warning that he has "Never been one to watch my mouth"

However he has since deleted the tweets.

X Factor judge Gary Barlow previously revealed he wanted to BAN contestants from the likes of Twitter and confiscate their mobile phones.

He revealed: "Last year’s contestants spent too much time on Twitter when they should have been working on their performances.

“It’s not good for them as they dwell on any negatives they see.”

"They’d look at 100 comments and 99 would be positive but all they would think about was the one negative," Gary told the Daily Star last month.

He suggested: “It’s not good for them. I’ll take their phones off them as soon as they go into the contestants’ house.”

The X Factor 2012 live shows start this Saturday night on ITV1.

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