X Factor 2012: Times Red's naked antics get them in trouble!

Times Red

X Factor 2012 wild card hopefuls Times Red found themelves getting a telling off after stripping nude!

One of the group - Staz Nair - found himself locked outside of his hotel room naked after one drunken night out.

Times Red are staying with the other X Factor wild card contestants, and the X Factor 2012 contestants at a five-star hotel in London.

However hotel mangers warned they wouldn't have a problem with booting any misbehaving singers out of the building.

A source told The Sun: “Times Red were the offenders on this occasion but they aren’t the only ones to let things get out of control.

“The contestants are all allowed to drink in the bar downstairs and a few times things have got pretty raucous after they have gone back to their rooms.

“Rylan Clark is a real ringleader when it comes to partying — he is always trying to get people involved — and the others don’t need much encouragement. They are just letting off steam. But this was the third time in five days that other guests were disturbed and the hotel staff made it clear it is just not on.”

The newspaper reveals that producers gathered the final 12 and the wild cards to warn them about their behaviour ahead of the first live show this Saturday night.

The source added: “One more foot wrong they will be packed off to the nearest Holiday Inn.”

Meet the X Factor wild cards below...

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